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RGR fabrications and welding services have been employed as a fabricator for Barton Firtop Engineering Co. Ltd, for the last twenty years, carrying out specialist weldings of high integrity fabrications their work has always been of the very highest standard.

They have carried out work on contracts for all the major oil and petrochemical companies that have been inspected by the international inspection authorities.

Their workmanship and professionalism has always been first class, therefore we would have no hesitation in recommending this company to any prospective client for any type of fabrication / welding work.

Yours faithfully

G.Usher RGR were employed as specialist fabricators and installation engineers by Linde Cryogenics, our mail contractor, during a recent high integrity contract for Japanese based clients.

Throughout the duration of this contract, RGRs engineers performed their assigned task in a professional manner, keeping Linde and ourselves informed throughout, whiles producing a high quality instillation to a scheduled programme.

This contract was undertaken with in a classified area, and as such had the required Dosimetry Procedures applied.

Your Sincerely 

R J Day I have no hesitation in writing this letter of recommendation covering the excellent work , administration & on time delivery performance that you have achieved over the past few years for our Fabrication & Welding contracts supplied to Serck Heat transfers & Lattery Honeywell Turbo Technologies.

Best Regards

Geoff Hand
RGR fabrications and Welding Services have carried out work for Lloyds Konecranes for many years providing a reliable organised service.

RGR have worked on many of our sites with short notice, in all cases the workmanship has been to high standards.

We would have no hesitation in using RGR for any of our fabrication and welding requirements.

Yours faithfully

Derek Hicklin RGR Fabrication and Welding Services have carried out work for Transvac on a number of occasions usually for the offshore industry.

Without exception the workmanship has been of the highest quality, delivery promises always met, and the documentation is always of clearly presented.

Transvac would without hesitation recommend RGR for the supply of welding and fabrication services.

Yours Faithfully

Mark Wells RGR Fabrication & Welding Services have been employed as a sub contractor by Lloydes British Testing Plc for the last fifteen years carrying our specialist welding of high integrity fabrications for many of our blue chip company clients.

Their work has always been to the very highest standard. Their response and professionalism has been second to non, therefore we would have no hesitation in recommending this company to any prospective client who demands quality and delivery.


S P Fox
As you know, we recently completed the above contract and we wish to thank your company for the excellent way you completed the assembly and welding of the sprockets. Our clients were delighted with the finished products and the quality and consistency of the welding were frequently mentioned.

We have in the last few days received a spares order for approximately 10 percent of the original construction value and we shall be placing further welding orders with you in the next two weeks.

Your sincerely

K Reaminton Just a note to record our appreciation in the way that you have produced the vessels for the John Brown contract, after the initial lengthy delays.

We still have a little way to go to complete the contract but the efforts of RGR have been well recognised, Please pass our thanks on to your colleagues.

Yours sincerely

B E Peacock RGR have worked for Hanover and the previously named companies of Maloney and TubeFabs for the past 10 years.

We tend to use them in periods when we are very busy in our own fabrication shops to enable us to keep to client schedule and quality requirements.

We have an excellent reputation for quality and will only subcontract to companied who can maintain the same standards.

RGR fall in to that category and are a company who will also adopt out procedures where necessary and carry out the requirements as expediently as possible, in fact we find them as an extension to our own fabrication department which suits out clients.

We have used them on several types of material from Carbon Steel to Super Duplex and on various types of fabrication from intricate pipework, small vessels and manifolds to pipe supports and medium size structures.

Your faithfully

Dave Silvester
RGR Fabrication and Welding Services Ltd has carried out welding on our boilers to the heist standards and with complete professionalism. Work has been undertaken both at their premises and at out boiler works. In both cases all liaison wit the insurance company has been carried out by RGR and the actual work has been executed swiftly and on time passing the NDT examination without fault.

I have no hesitation in recommending RGR for the welding of pressure vessels and pressure vessel components in mild steel.

Your faithfully

John Ronbinson This letter of recommendation is with regards to RGR fabrication and Welding Services Ltd following completion of a contract for high integrity stainless steel pipework, i.e. tight dimensional tolerances, 100% radiography, etc, etc.

This contract was completed by RGR on time and in a most professional and pro0active manner.

I would have no hesitation in using RGR either carbon steel and / or stainless fabrication / welding in the future.

Your faithfully

Richard Finch RGR fabricating and Welding Services have carried out work for T.M.Engineers for many years. There workmanship has always been to the highest standards along with total reliability.

We would have no hesitation in recommending other companies to use their services.

Yours faithfully

Robert Holland
RGR Fabrication and Welding Services have carried out work for Marston, Division of Safety UK Ltd, for many years and their fabrication and welding work has always been of the highest standard.

They are a very reliable company, have met set target dates in the past, and we would have no hesitation in recommending them for the supply of fabrication and welding services.

Your faithfully

A J Ryder   RGR Fabricating & Welding Services has recently been employed as a sub contractor by VEE BEE Filtration for the fabrication of the height integrity radiographer strainers in both Duplex Stainless Steel & A106 Gr B material.

There fabrication work was carried out to the highest standard, & completed within the required time scale, complete with the supply of all NDE procedure & reports.

Vee Bee Filtration would have no hesitation in recommending RGR for the supply of fabrication & welding services.

Brain Higgs