Welding Qualifications

RGR offers a vast range of welding facilities such as TIG, MIG, MAG, MMA...

A Carbon Steel
CR/MO P5 & P9
3mm - 50mm
1.6mm - 12.5mm
Pipe and Plate
B Stainless Steel 316L
Stainless Steel 304L 321
1.6mm - 25.4mm Pipe and Plate
C Duplex UNS31803 1.6mm - 22mm Pipe and Plate
D Super Duplex
1.6mm - 22mm Pipe and Plate
E Incoloy 625 6mm - 24mm Pipe and Plate
(To include weld overlay)
F Stainless Steel 316L 6mm - 24mm Pipe and Plate
(To include weld overlay)
G Incoloy 825 1.6mm - 12mm Pipe and Plate
H Stainless Steel 316L
To Carbon
1.6mm - 12mm All Grades Plate
I Stainless Steel 316L
To Duplex UNS31803
1.6mm - 12mm Plate
J Aluminium N8 4mm - 24mm Plate
K Aluminium N8 to H30 12mm - 25mm Plate

RGR offer a range of special processes such as...

Heat Treatment
Hot forming, pre and post weld heat treatment.

Pressure Testing
Hydrostatic (up to 25000 psi) and pneumatic.

Radiography ( to include X Ray / Gamma Ray ) MPI, DPI, U/T and PMI testing.

Finishing and Corrosion Protection
Painting (Offshore), Special linings, Plastic coating, Galvanising, Electroplating etc.